Journal Bearing DR-800/DR900/DR1000 kits

Journal Bearing DR-800/DR900/DR1000 kits
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The 5 of the top 10 Quickest ¼ mile ET 3000gt/stealth cars in the USA are running Dynamic Racing DR-800-up kits. That speaks for it’s self to the level of performance delivered by these kits.

The complete production kit which includes the following:

  • DR-800 Turbos (Up-grade available to DR-900's, and DR-1000's)
  • DR US made .120" wall T304L T3/T4 Headers with 321SS merge collectors
  • O2 Housings
  • External Wastegates
  • Oil Feed/Return Line Kit
  • Hardware

DR-900 kit has gone 10.56@136mph at 28psi of boost, on the cars 1st trip to the drag strip. This was in a full weight 95 300GT VR-4 real daily driver street car. Making this even more impressive, this run was made at 3600ft altitude!

Matt has also run 10.69@133mph is his 92 Stealth RT TT with DR-800's at 29psi of boost.

The DR900 kit has put down 714 AWHP on a car with a stock short block, DR stage 3 heads, and DR street cams at 28psi of boost.

The DR1000 Kit has put down 812 AWHP on a 3.0L short block with DR Stage 3 heads, and street cams

Boost with this kit comes on very fast and strong, our DR-800 test car makes 15psi by ~3500rpm and 30+psi by ~4000rpm. We have tested this turbo kit to over 32psi.


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