Lotus V8 DR700L turbo up-grade

Lotus V8 DR700L turbo up-grade
Lotus V8 DR700L turbo up-grade
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Model: DR700L
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The stock T-25 turbos AKA “T-2small” work fine on a stock 350hp car but when you want to make more power they just will not do.

The T-25 turbo totally maxxed out can support ~240 crank shaft HP each, but when pushed to that level they start to produce lots of heat. This is particularly bad in a non-intercooled car like the V8 Esprit.

Upgrading the turbos will give you more power and keep down your air charge temps, thus reducing the chance of detonation.

These turbos can support 360 crank HP EACH (720 total for the set) if pushed to their max and are also much more efficient then the stock turbos in the 400-500 HP range.

The second part of the upgrade is to replace the weak stock wastegate actuators. The stock units start to crack open at a lowly 5psi. That is a very weak spring. The largest problem with that is that as RPM increases the exhaust back pressure before the turbos' turbine wheel starts to increase, when this happens the stock actuator lacks the strength to hold the wastegate closed and maintain boost.

This is called “wastegate blow open”. Upgrading to a stronger actuator will cure this problem and allow you to hold your boost throughout the RPM range.

This package is to upgrade your turbos, both the compressor and turbine wheels are upgraded to larger units. The turbo is fully rebuilt using Garret parts, the thrust bearings are also upgraded to 360 degree thrust bearing from the stock 270 degree bearing, making the turbo a stronger, more reliable unit.

Turn around time is around 2 weeks from the time we receive your turbos.

These turbos on Matt Monett’s 2002 Esprit spun the DynoJet rollers to the tune of 512 RWHP, and 430 RWTQ! This is on a 100% stock Motor 2002 Esprit, threw the stock cat-back exhaust.

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